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Animals are cute - but they can sure cause problems.

Hear something scurrying in your walls? Sound like someone is wrestling in your attic? Maybe you’ve discovered droppings or evidence of chewing and nesting. Wildlife Removal and Prevention is here to help! We’re Hampton Road’s best pest removal service, and we’re ready to help you reclaim your home from pesky nuisance animals!


Squirrels, rats, bats and more - we'll send those animal nuisance out the door!


We'll get rid of those pesky critters who decided to move in without your permission!


We don't just remove the animals - we solve the problem.

We get 'em all!

We remove the following animals:

Squirrels are most active at dawn and dusk leaving their nest to forage during the day then coming back before night.

Squirrels, like most rodents have teeth that are constantly growing, therefore; they can cause damage to your roof, electrical wires, and harm the structural integrity of your home. They can be more active in the spring and fall since they breed twice a year. If you have determined that your new roommate is a squirrel, then the only way to evict them is to trap the unwanted guests.

  • Noises such as thumping, walking, or vocal sounds
  • Ripping of soffit, gable vents, ridge vents, and roofline
  • Entrance holes that can be the size of a cantaloupe

If you own chickens or a garden, they can wreak havoc.  They are sneaky predators who will feed on your small farm animals or dig through your garbage.

You will often find a snake out in your yard on warm sunny days, since they are reptiles sometimes, they must bask in the sun to raise their body temperatures. However, if they need to cool down, they prefer to hide under heavy cover so be careful moving/lifting up patio covers, pool covers, or leaf beds.

It might be rats!! Rats are nocturnal animals and wait until it is quiet to search for food. Rats are mostly found in your attic or basement where they chew and destroy electrical wires, which can cause electrical shorts, or fire risks, or sometimes chew on PVC plumbing and cause water leaks. Rats have continuously growing teeth causing them to chew to wear down.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wildlife Removal

These are some frequently asked questions from homeowners just like you who want to take their property back from those pesky animals who don’t pay rent!

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